Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’


Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’
Official State Waterlily of Texas

Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’ is an award winning hardy waterlily. It was created by Ken Landon. It’s date of origin is 1985. It has a vivid yellow petals and stamen with green pads with new pads speckled. It’s parentage is Nymphaea ‘Pink Starlet’ x Nymphaea mexicana No. 1.

The following is a published comment by Perry Slocum, ” This lovely lily was developed by Kenneth Landon in San Angelo, Texas (USDA zone 7b). Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’ is probably one of the best yellow-flowered water lilies since Nymphaea ‘Marliacea Chromatella’ made it’s appearance in 1887. Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’ received the International Water Lily Society’s 1990 American Award. When grown in USDA zones 6 – 10, spring planted plants can be expected to produce seven or eight blooms at a time by midsummer. In late summer and fall the flowers may take on an attractive pink cast. I highly recommend Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’ for any size pool in zones 6 – 10; possibly the rhizome will survive zone 5 if given winter protection.” Quoted from Water Gardening Water Lilies and Lotus.

Just recently it was awarded another high accolade. It was named first as one of the Texas Superstar WaterGarden Plants by the Texas A & M Agriculture Program. Then upon final voting, it was named as the leader of the group of waterlilies.

The pamphlet above was produced to introduce Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’ to the legislators in Austin by our good friend and professional photographer, Mr. Jim Bean

The top photo was by Mr. Noriyuki Kato of Japan and the lower two pictures were taken by Ken Landon. Jim put the wonderful composition together to impress the legislators.

Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’ is one of the best yellow-flowered waterlilies since Nymphaea ‘Marliaces Chromatella’ made its appearance in 1887 according to expert, Perry D. Slocum.

Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’ is a hybrid hardy waterlily created from a native Texas species, Nymphaea mexicana and a selected hybrid, Nymphaea ‘Pink Starlet’. Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’ is among the most popular ‘yellows’ to date. A profuse bloomer whose fragrance is delightfully lemony. This lovely and highly recommended lily was developed by Kenneth Landon in San Angelo, Texas. Ken stated “When I first saw the flower its coloring was reminiscent of a Texas sunrise, hence I named it Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’.”

It was recently voted the official state waterlily by the Texas Legislature, and approved by Governor Rick Perry in June of 2011. It’s a hardy lily that will grow in the shade. The fact that is holds its blooms high above the water and blooms more profusely like a tropical has made it a highly sought after plant by pond enthusiasts and hybridizers world-wide.

Here is a link to the House Concurrent Resolution, H.C.R. No. 24 drafted by Representative Drew Darby.


This was made official at 4 pm on June 17, 2011.

We have been priveleged enough to witness history in the making here in San Angelo, Texas. School children who take the course in Texas History in our state will forever more learn of this accomplishment by Ken Landon just as they learn that the state flower is the Texas Bluebonnet.




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