Nymphaea ‘Mizu-no-Mori’


Nymphaea ‘Mizu-no-Mori’

Nymphaea ‘Mizu-no-Mori’ is an Australian hybrid produced by Garet Uemura of Hawaii.

This waterlily is not in the IWC collection at this time. This information is for educational purposes only.

Here is Garet’s description of this beauty…

I produced this hybrid by crossing (Nymphaea ‘Andrea Leu’ x Nymphaea gigantea var. neorosa Landon comb. Nov.). a hybrid that I received from Mr. William Phillips with Nymphaea ‘gigantea. The new resulting cross looks like: ((Nymphaea ‘Andrea Leu x Nymphaea gigantea var. neorosa Landon comb. Nov.) x Nymphaea gigantea)). The flower is dark blue with lighter blue towards the center, flower size is much larger than any of the parent plants, flowers are held higher up above the leaves, and the wonderful part about it is that it is not as cold sensitive as the true species. This plant will continue to produce flowers even when days get shorter and temperatures start to drop. I have had plants produce flowers for me all winter long while all of my other Anecphya have gone dormant. I originally presented the hybrid to the botanical garden as ((Nymphaea ‘Andrea Leu x Nymphaea gigantea var. neorosa Landon comb. Nov.) x Nymphaea gigantea)) and suggested that they name it. They decided to name it after their botanical garden.

It is very similar in its look to Ken’s own Nymphaea ‘Blue Cloud’ even though the lineage is different.

Below are some picture of some Japanese news articles on Nymphaea ‘Mizu-no-Mori’.


This is the hybrid that William Phillips sent to Garet Uemura. It is one of the parent’s of Nymphaea ‘Mizu-no-Mori’.


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