Nymphaea ‘Lady Katherine’


Nymphaea ‘Lady Katherine’

Nymphaea ‘Lady Katherine’ is a waterlily created in 2016 by Kenneth Landon. It is a nice deep pink flower with lovely chocolate brown, burgundy and green pads.

It is named in honor of Katherine Pittman. She was a local artist who lived in San Angelo.

She did all of the technical drawing Ken needed when he was writing papers to document new waterlilies.

She passed away in December of last year and below were Ken’s thoughts on her passing.

We are only glad to know that Ken created a waterlily in her honor before she passed away.

A Message from Kenneth Landon.

Long time IWC supporter and accomplished artist Katherine Pittman passed away on Sunday the 18th of December. She was responsible for many outstanding artistic renditions of waterlilies at the International Waterlily Collection. Her exceptional talent was also utilized in drawings of IWC registered logos and line drawings used in botanical research and documentation. She was responsible for the original painting of Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’ the Official State waterlily of Texas displayed at the State Capital in Austin, Texas. She was awarded a lily in her honor Nymphaea ‘Lady Katherine’ at IWC Lily Fest in September of this year. Her happy disposition and demeanor will be sorely missed. Her work and memory will last forever…

The middle picture below in the gallery is a photo of one of her compilation paintings.

The outer 2 pictures are of drawings taken directly from the SIDA paper on the discovery of Nymphaea minuta.


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