Nymphaea ‘Irene Meitzen’


Nymphaea ‘Irene Meitzen’

Nymphaea ‘Irene Meitzen’ is a tropical waterlily created by Ken Landon in 2014 to honor Mrs. Irene Meitzen. It is a sunset colored waterlily with bright green pads that have an overlapping sinus that forms a sail on large pads.

Irene Meitzen and the San Angelo Garden Club

The San Angelo Garden Club have always supported Ken and the IWC. They sold the home and property that their club owned and gave Ken and the IWC the resulting funds to do all of the capital improvements in 2014. It is through the extreme generosity, support and friendship from Irene and the entire San Angelo Garden Club that the IWC has the new pavilion and the final pool. The endowment and the tenacity of Irene is what helped push this project through the City Council to ensure that the project was approved and completed.

Here is the lady who helped Ken start his project in the Civic League Park over 20 years ago. She has been a great friend and supporter throughout all of this time. She was honored with this waterlily being presented to her as registered in her name at the 2014 LilyFest.


From the Director,

Kenneth Landon

I recently attended a local Civic Function honoring women in the community for the outstanding service and positive influence rendered over a lifetime. One of the honorees was a good friend, Mrs. Irene Meitzen. Mrs. Meitzen along with the late Mrs.Reta Sage and others were key players in the evolution of the International Waterlily Collection of San Angelo, Texas. I sincerely appreciate their at times long suffering and dedication in making the International Waterlily Collection an International success.

I was reminded of the many other women who played such an integral part in my lifetime. My mother who was there in the beginning nurturing me through an often difficult and abusive sojourn. The many girls that worked beside me day by day, week, month, and years at the collection. They were all rewarded and honored with a special waterlily in their name for dedication and work well done.

The first hybrid l ever named was a purple Star Lily that is now known the world over. The outstanding waterlily Nymphaea ‘Rhonda Kay’ of 1984 was named for my two sisters. Lana Kay the youngest, rendered the Kay in its name and my oldest sister Rhonda Kathleen was where Rhonda originated. I figured that if both their names were in the same plant there would be no possible contention. Rhonda and Lana were, are and will forever be “Women of Distinction” in my work and life and were a positive influence in making me the best l could be. I was honored to name such a regal and outstanding lily that will out live them in their names. They and so many others remind me of their invaluable contribution to making the World a better place. I truly believe as he purveys the Universe and all that in it is, the Almighty sits on his throne with an exalted worthy “Woman of Distinction” by his side that completes and makes him the one and only God.


Here is a short video showing the dedication for Irene Meitzen at LilyFest 2014.

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