Nymphaea ‘Foxfire’


Nymphaea ‘Foxfire’

Nymphaea ‘Foxfire’. This is the probably the most famous of the J. Craig Presnell lilies. The outer purple surrounding an inner pink color can knock you out with the rich colors. The deep mottling of the pads is another attractive feature. The size of the pads as well as the plant let you know that this is an Nymphaea ampla progeny. It is one of the more sought after plants on the market today.

It was the IWGS Best New Waterlily for the year 2004.

Nymphaea ‘Foxfire’ at the IWC

N. ‘Foxfire’ can grow to be a very large waterlily. Its ampla heritage means that after 3-4 months in a large growing container with good fertilizer like Landon’s 7803, pads can be 24-30 inches across and flowers 8-14″ across. It has such large blooms it often cannot close at night making it seem like a day & night bloomer. The more mature the plant the more petaloids in the center. A small plant may have 50-100 petaloids and a mature plant may have 200-300 petaloids. Trim the pads to keep the plant more compact or a single large heavily fertilized plant can grow to reach 10-15′ across.

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