Nymphaea ‘Eve’s Solitaire’


Nymphaea ‘Eve’s Solitaire’

Nymphaea ‘Eve’s Solitaire’ is a Landon waterlily with medium iridescent blue petals and heavily mottled pads. It’s date of publication is listed as 2005. It has been named in honor of a young lady ( Ginger Eve George ) who worked with Ken at the collection for almost 20 years. In this way he honors her with a waterlily that will outlive her.

Here is the young lady along with her namesake in the background who helped Ken from very early on to establish one of the finest collections on display in the world.


Ginger loved the displays she helped create so much that when she was married it was among the flowers of the IWC that she helped produce with Ken.


Here is a video showing Nymphaea ‘Eve’s Solitaire’ as filmed at Longwood Botanical Gardens by Zac DeGarmeaux in July 2010.

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