Nymphaea ‘Debbie Ann’


Nymphaea ‘Debbie Ann’

Nymphaea ‘Debbie Ann’ is a tropical lily with true lavender petals with mauve tips. Highly viviparous with mottled pads that fade with age. Free flowering. Cold resistant, blooming in ambient temps of 65 degrees. It was created by Tim Davis. It was named for Tim’s wife. It was a chance seedling from Nymphaea micrantha. It’s date of origin is 2005.

Here is a short video showing Nymphaea ‘Debbie Ann’ in a starring close up role at the IWC. Turn up volume for commentary by Tim.

Here are Zac’s comments…”This was one of Tim Davis’s first named hybrids, it was a seedling of Nymphaea micrantha. It is a viviparous waterlily multiplying by leaf growth into new plants. This is on display at the International Waterlily Collection. Tim said “I should have removed some old growth before the video but you can see its a pretty lavender tropical waterlily”. Named for Tim’s wife Debbie. Tim was wise naming a waterlily after her because he can now get away with more time with the waterlilies and spending time at the International Waterlily Collection with his bud Ken Landon.”

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