Nymphaea capensis Thunberg


Nymphaea capensis Thunberg

Nymphaea capensis Thunberg is a species lily with all shades of pink, blue and purple petals and green pads. There is one that is a native of South Africa and one that is a native of Australia. Even though the sign in the picture states South Africa, these pictures are of the Australian form.

Below are some original pictures taken by Ken Landon. These are historically significant archival photos. Do not link to or copy the photos below without express permission from Ken Landon.

N capensis Thunb
N capensis 3
N capensis 2

They above shots were taken on Ecktachrome slide film as the medium of choice during that time frame. It was not very adept at showing true blue colors hence the pink look to the petals. With Ken’s direction and permission, I took the time to color correct all of the pictures. Ken described it as being a clear blue. I used shot IMG_1682 as the picture whose color and saturation were used as a template. The following is the result.

***Below are the color corrected shots.

They have only been corrected to bring out the true look of the waterlily.

No deception is intended.**

N capensis Thunb color correct
N capensis 3 color correct
N capensis 2 color correct

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