Nymphaea ‘Bull’s Eye’


Nymphaea ‘Bull’s Eye’

Nymphaea ‘Bull’s Eye’ is a tropical waterlily created by Florida Aquatic Nurseries. It has burgundy petals and green pads. It’s date of origin is 2007. It’s parentage is listed as Nymphaea ‘King of Blues’ x unnamed hybrid.

This is the description from Florida Aquatic Nurseries… The flower color is the real eye-catcher on this lily. The red color is deeper or more of a true red than any lily on the market today. This flower will catch your eye from quite a distance away. Set on a vigorus, compact plant with solid green pads we expect this lily will be well received.

The closest comparison with Nymphaea ‘Bulls Eye’ would be Nymphaea ‘Jack Wood’ however the flower color of Nymphaea ‘Bulls Eye’ is much darker than Nymphaea ‘Jack Wood’ and the flower has many more petals, up to 50 when mature.

The majority of the shots of this fantastic waterlily were taken at the IWC. We want to send a big “Thank You” to the McLane family for allowing us to showcase this wonderful new hybrid before anyone else.

Here is a short video showing Nymphaea ‘Bull’s Eye’ in a starring close up role at the IWC.

Turn up volume for commentary by Tim.

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