Nymphaea ‘Ao Bonbori’


Nymphaea ‘Ao Bonbori’

Nymphaea ‘Ao Bonbori’ is an Australian hybrid found at the Kobe Kachoen botanical garden in Japan.

This waterlily is not in the IWC collection at this time. This information is for educational purposes only.

Here is Garet’s description…

Photo of the Ancephya hybrid Nymphaea ‘Ao Bonbori’ from the Kobe Kachoen botanical garden in Japan. It is a hybrid that they discovered in their gardens.

I asked him the following…

“Do you have any information on the Nymphaea ‘Ao Bonbori’ ri as to the color, year discovered, etc. It looks a bit like a dark Nymphaea gigantea ‘Albert de Lestang’ in the photo. What differentiates it from that lily?”

Garet’s response was as follows…

“The flower has darker blue outer petals that do not fade as the flower ages. My friend in Japan (Miyagawa Kaen)is the one who sold their company (Kamo Nursery, who owns Kobe Kachoen) their Nymphaea gigantea ‘Albert de Lestang’. Miyagawa Kaen does not have any lilies that look like their Ao Bonbori

in their collection. Therefore, it is assumed to be a hybrid between Nymphaea gigantea (blue) and Nymphaea gigantea ‘Albert de Lestang’ (which the people at Kobe Kachoen have mistakenly called Hudsoniana. I have emailed them before to inform them that the lily is actually Nymphaea gigantea ‘Albert de Lestang’, but they refuse to fix their mistake). Those are the only two Anecphya that they have in their collection.”

Photo courtesy of Photographer – © Garet Uemura

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