New Pool, Pavilion and Misting System Completed in 2014

The Pavilion was Completed 8-28-2014

After 20 years of work and planning, the new pool was constructed. Thank you to everyone who was instrumental in playing a role to get us there. You all know who you were and it was an uphill battle to accomplish it against the Bureaucracy and Red Tape.

There is a picture below of the workers pouring the sidewalk for the new Pavilion.

It was another exciting aspect for the IWC last year as part of the capital improvements.

A state of the art, cutting edge misting system that lowers the ambient temperature in the park by up to 20 degrees was installed. This is the first of its kind in any aquatic display anywhere. Even parks that you must pay to visit do not have this to enrich your experience.

It would not be the World Famous IWC without magnificently grown, specimen size waterlilies to admire along with Victorias.

Pool #7 pictured below, displays over 180 hardy and intersubgenerics (ISGs) waterlilies resulting in a complete color spectrum. Victoria’s are in constant bloom starting in July with largest leaves reaching 6 to 8 feet.

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