Baby Allison Grows With Victoria.

Baby Allison Grows With Victoria.

We are fortunate to have a great lady who has worked in the collection since early in her high school years. Melody Twombly has worked in the collection for as long as I have been associated with it. She became the proud mother of Allison in 2010. We took a few pictures of me holding the newborn on a trip to the IWC.

In 2011, we got the first video of Allison on a Victoria pad. No sooner had she been set down on it, she puched a hole in it with her fingers and created her own kiddie pool of sorts.

My vision is to continue this for many years so that we can watch this precious young lady grow up alongside the waterlilies and Victoria specimens of the International Waterlily Collection (IWC).

Here is a short video showing Baby Allison at age One on a Victoria pad.

One year after Allison had her photo taken on the Victoria waterlilies in San Angelo we decided (well her parents permitted) to let her sit on them again. A Victoria pad can hold over 200 lbs of weight if distributed on an 8 ft pad. As soon as Melody placed Allison on the pad, the baby put her hand right through it. Even with leaking water the pad could still hold the baby. Tim Davis and Melody are beside Allison making sure she was safe the whole time. Placing children on the pads was common back in the 1920s for photographs.

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