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Landon Aquatic Fertilizer 7803 12–20–8

Landon Aquatic Fertilizers TX This granular formula, utilizing ‘binary’ technology has been in use for over twenty-five years. Developed by world renown hybridizer, Kenneth Landon, this product has produced some of the most beautiful plants ever grown. After some 20 years, Ken agreed to release this formula for general use and we were asked to make it market ready and to introduce it to the trade. LANDON 7803 is a combination of both organic and inorganic ingredients that work in conjunction with one another to create spectacular results. It is a very ‘hot’ formula that requires very strict adherence to the directions for use. These instructions can be seen on this site. In using this formula we suggest that you combine the appropriate amount of fertilizer with soil and fill your container three quarters full. Add the tuber and cover with(unfertilized) soil. Cover with gravel and place in your pond. Typically, this fertilization method should be sufficient for 60 to 90 days. If late season fertilization is needed, use water lily fertilizer tablet per manufacturers instructions. This is the only fertilizer used in the International Waterlily Certified Collection and Repository located in San Angelo, Texas, where Ken is the Horticulturist. LANDON 7803 is available in 2 oz Packets, 3 lb Tubs and 25 lb Pails Following are some recommended ratios for using the above: Professional Maximum Strength 90 Days 2.5 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal. Soil (128 oz. Ratio 1 – 50) This ratio is used to increase soil mass or pot size on completely undisturbed rooted, potted nymphaea for optimum results. Full Strength 60 Days 2.0 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal. Soil (128 oz. Ratio 1 – 64) This ratio is used for nymphaea repotting using recently dug or uprooted plants with minor to extensive root injury. General Purpose Strength 45 Days 1.5 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal soil (128 oz. Ratio 1 – 85) This ratio is used for nymphaea repotting emphasizing germinating tropical tubers from resting state and including germinating juvenile rhizomes. Seedling Starter Mix Strength 1.0 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal soil (128 oz. Ratio 1 – 128) Marginal Mix Strength .5 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal soil (128 oz. Ratio 1 – 250) Professional, Full and General Purpose Strength ratio mixes are enhanced and recommended to be used in the lower 75% of the planting container. Top dressing, the remaining 25% of the container volume, should be unfertilized soil. Best results are realized in any fertilizer to soil mix with ambient water temperature ranging from 60º to 90º. The use of LANDON water lily fertilizers (7803) enable the water gardener and the professional grower to obtain exceptional plant production with the minimum of soil mass per plant compared to other mixes. Large to average size tropical nynphaea perform with excellent results using 10 to 20 gallons of fertilized soil. Small tropical or hardy lilies perform with excellent results using 5 – 10 gallons of fertilized soil. Marginal aquatics in one gallon containers often remain in excellent condition through- out the season (5 months). All water lilies needing additional fertilization to lengthen their season duration or which have become pot-bound should either be repotted in Professional or Full Strength ratios or use a follow-up regime including PONDTABBS® as per the manufacturers suggestions.

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