How To Choose The Best Bloom For Your Garden From The Different Types Of Water Lily Flowers

The very name of water lilies conjures images of serenity. We can visualize their beautiful blooms gliding smoothly on the surface of a still pond. However, beneath this beauty lies a world of remarkable diversity. There are various types of water lily flower, from miniature to giant ones with dinner plate-sized blooms! These florals come in a stunning array of shapes and colors that captivate gardeners.

In this blog, we will learn more about them and look at a guide to choose the perfect one for your pond. So, let's continue reading to find out.

Looking into the Diversity:

Water lilies belong to the Nymphaeaceae family. This group of aquatic plants has over fifty genera and countless species. Let's take a glimpse into some of the most popular types of water lily flower:

The Nymphaea Bunch:

These are the classic water lilies that have large, cup shaped flowers. They come in a myriad of vibrant shades like pink and even blue. Some of the popular varieties include the fragrant Odorata, also known as the sweet water lily. Another beautiful flower is the vibrant Nymphaea 'Marliac Rose' with its deep pink blooms.

White Water Lily:

When a white lily grows in a pond, it is generally a sign that the water quality is good. This plant grows well in a pool that has a maximum depth of three meters. These seasonal flowers produce blooms from May to August.

Purple Water Lily:

Blooming between June and August, the Nymphaea Purple Joy is a type of pond lily with vibrant hues. However, when considering plants with this shade, it is important to see whether they are hardy or not. As most of them are delicate, they should be planted about 30 cm deep into the water.

Red Water Lily:

If you are considering some pretty red flowers for your pond, then you can settle for the Nymphaea Rubra or the Red Flare. These stunning plants have large carmine flowers that carry a pleasant scent. They can be easily propagated through root division or seed germination.

The Miniature Lilies:

If you are considering different types of pond lily for your garden pond, these are perfect for you.  These compact water lilies can uplift the beauty of any garden. You can look for the vibrant yellow blossoms of Nymphaea Pygmaea in your garden. Alternatively, you can also consider the charming, star-shaped flowers of Nymphaea stellata.

Intersubgeneric Water Lilies:

ISG blooms have been the goal of water lily hybridizers for the last 100 years. However, numerous people across the globe have been successful with these crosses in the past decade. Such results are possible only due to the confirmation of crosses via DNA testing. By crossing a hardy with a tropical water lily, we get the ISG ones.

The Tropical Beauties:

As they come from warmer climates, these water lilies have truly breathtaking blooms. The Victoria Amazonica is also known as the giant water lily. It can reach around 10 feet in diameter! Other beauties include the vibrant Nymphaea lotus with its yellow flowers and star-shaped leaves.

Night Blooming Lilies:

These flowers add a touch of mystery to your pond. As these water lilies unfurl their blooms after dusk, they fill the surroundings with fragrance. The Nymphaea lotus is a popular choice among gardeners for its white star shaped flowers. They exude a sweet perfume at night.

Choosing the Right Lily

While aesthetics are important, you must also consider these factors when selecting your flower:

Pond Size:

Before purchasing, you must match the lily's mature size to your pond. However, if you have a small pond, the miniature varieties are perfect for your garden. Conversely, giant flowers like the Victoria Amazonica need ample room.


Different types of water lily flower have varying depth requirements. Some thrive in shallow water, while others prefer deeper ponds. Therefore, you must consult an expert before settling on such aquatic plants.

Bloom Time:

You can plant multiple varieties to ensure continuous budding throughout the season. Early bloomers like the Nymphaea odorata can be paired with late ones like the Nymphaea 'Marliac Rose'.

Wrapping up

With a little planning and the right types of water lily flower, you can convert your pond into an aquatic paradise.  These captivating plants offer a symphony of colors and fragrances to your backyard. So, explore the world of water lilies and discover the perfect varieties for your pond. With the help of an expert, you can witness the stunning diversity of these aquatic plants.

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